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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking forward …

How many of us often find ourselves saying, “I wish I knew … I wish I have,” or perhaps “I wish I didn’t do that.”  Well … stop that! As someone has once said to me, “move forward; look forward; think forward.”

It is great to look back and learn from the past or perhaps treasure our fondest memories. 2011 was a great year for many of us, perhaps to some were best year ever.  To me personally, 2011 was a mixed year. Nevertheless, looking back I have so many fondest memories that I treasure and yet so many things that I could learn from.

Blogging and able to motivate my girl Baby Boo, to write her own blog ( and thinking about publishing her own book was the greatest accomplishment of all. Thru blogging, I was able to speak my mind and share my thoughts. Thru blogging, my friendship with you have gotten much stronger. (I was just saying this to my sister that my friendship with my brother-in-law have gotten much stronger because of blogging.) Thru blogging, I am making many new (mind) connections with many of you from all of over the world. Now looking back, it was not a bad year after all for me. 

Here are my top 10 list of my blogs that I find myself reading it over and over from time to time: (In fact, they were viewed the most)

Whether it was our best year or not so great year, let’s look forward to 2012. Looking forward gives us the ability to dream.  To be successful, we need to have dreams so they say. I am not sure where New Year resolution ideas were first originated. Thru the internet, I learned that it was practiced since Babylonians time. It is also further defined that New Year resolution is to state something that we can achieve, not wishes or dreams that are not within our reach, and typically goals that are attainable within a year, so to speak.

Moving forward, I will make this blog much more fun by posting not only life events, but some fun stuff as well like my travel experiences. (In fact, for next several days, I will be posting my travel journals for the December trip that I took.)

Let’s take a long moment in our journeys to move forward, look forward and think forward. Now the real question is “What is your New Year resolution?

Until next stop,
Journey of Life

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