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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Louis Vuitton anyone?

Come to think about it, we, females, are a bit spoiled.  Brand name clothing all the way to purses, shoes, sunglasses and jackets and on and on … Look inside women’s closets and you will know what I am talking about.  No wonder those smart marketing people are aiming at us. How many guys do you know go to shopping for themselves. I am sure there are some but mostly their stuffs are bought by their wives, women.

When men go out shopping, they shop the more expensive stuff for us. Diamond, expensive watches even purses. Why? They know what we like the best. Once we are happy, they have hit home run.

I enjoy dress up with an excuse that I often give out, “I only live once, so I want to enjoy my life.” Going back to my blog on “Firstimpression – What Makes You Attractive?” There are things that we could do to make ourselves more attractive aside the obvious. Somehow when you dress up neatly or attractively, you will definitely not be ignored. One time, I walked into a car dealership for an appointment. I couldn’t believe that I was greeted by 4 different service advisors asking me whether I needed their help. See what I am saying? The look matter, the way we dress matter …

We, human, believe that if we care to dress up then we must be serious enough to spend our money or perhaps we have thick pocket or at the very least, appear so. Is it true? I am not sure. Sometimes, those of us who dress simpler are the ones with a lot of greens in our pocket. :-) But nevertheless, the way we dress do matter.

Now let’s discuss whether brand name matter or not, for some it doesn’t as for others it does. Ultimately it is our choices. To me, buying branded stuff while on sale much worthier than brand-less items at full price. I guess what matter the most is, how we like it. How they fit us.  After all, even it is branded stuff, if it doesn’t look good on us. It won’t matter.

What about Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Cartier?  Hmm … I dunno. I am so tempted to tell you that it does signify something. It signifies status. Why?  Not sure. All it matter is it does make some of us feel good. Perhaps appear to make us look better.
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We, Americans, are not as fancy as the Asians or Europeans. They think that we are too casual. Maybe so! If we were in Milan, Italy, we would not see many people with Jeans and t-shirts.  At least that what my experienced was. They are a lot more stylist. Having said that, with the slim fit look nowadays, Jeans can be as stylist as any attire. Still not fancy though!

Try to walk into a fancy boutique with a casual attire and next time try with fancier one. Compare the attention you get, then you tell me whether it matter or not …
I hope you enjoy my blog today as much as I enjoy writing this one. Have a nice weekend!

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  1. Strip away all of the books, the technology, the accoutrements of modern life, and people are basically just animals with access to stylists. The "need" to draw attention to ourselves, to define our place within the pack or herd, to mark our status in the hierarchy is really fundamental. Peacocks fan their feathers, for example. Certain lizards puff up their throats in a display of rainbow colours. We paint our faces and put on shirts with a little man on a horse.

    "Luxury" brands (LV, Mercedes-Benz, i-Phone) is all about marking, outwardly, to others that we are in the "right" group, since we not only recognise what the markers of status are, but that we can afford to obtain them.

    I ask - is a Mercedes "better" than a Toyota? It's not more reliable. It gets worse mileage. Its re-sale value erodes faster. By objective measures, the answer is "no."

    But pull up to a valet restaurant in a Camry, and the car is quickly whisked to the back of the parking lot. A nice Mercedes (an S-Class for example) has a good shot at being in the front of the restaurant.

    The car gets attention, and by extension, the driver gets the approval (and even better sometimes, envy) of society.

    By the way, one reason why we (men) do NOT buy clothes for our wives/girlfriends is that the proposition is practically lose-lose-lose, all the way around.

    You get the wrong colour or style? Strike one.

    You get a size that's too small? "What, you want me to lose a few pounds?"

    You buy a size that's too big? "You think I'm fat, don't you?"

    It's sort of like being Kim Jong-Il's chef. The dinner had better be on time. And it better be perfect.

  2. Luv it! 3 strikes for the 'lose-lose-lose' :-)