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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Out of comfort Zone ...

Venture out … that was the advice that many of us have received one way or another … We humans sometimes don’t like changes or perhaps are a little bit skeptical to try new things. How would we know that the next thing we try would be the one? How would we know that what we have currently is not the best? How would we know that the next one would be better than this one?

Unfortunately no one would know … but then we need to take risks … some risks payoff … some risks give us the lifetime experience … some risks hurt us more than we could handle. But, hey! Great news is … we still have tomorrow and we can try again. Enough said.

I decided to venture and found this incredible hobby that I like to do. Yes, I love blogging and still do and will do until you stop reading. But, wait … this is not it! I found this new hobby …

Dance workout! Yes, dance workout is so awesome. You get the workout you want but yet it is so much fun and on top of it, it comes with music. Music combine with movement … what else would you ask for?  Sweat ... you say ... yeah… sweat with sweet smell 'cause it mixes with a lot of excitement…

I never thought about dance workout before … I actually really like Latin dance … especially Tango. I love Tango. One of these days … I will try that as well. For now, I am quite satisfy with this dance work out that comprise of salsa, middle-eastern and some mix music.

Hope this blog trigger your though of venturing out of your comfort zones and try something fun that you actually enjoy. Until next blog …see ya!

Until next stop,
Journey of Life

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