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Thursday, November 17, 2011

First impression -- What Makes You Attractive?

Several months ago, I turned on the television and there was this show about “First Impression --What Makes You Sexy,” by British Broadcasting Corporation. When I was searching thru my brain for today’s blog, I thought this topic would be an interesting plus entertaining. Talking about the timing, it is just in time for Friday.

Instinctively, what do you think that makes us, human, attractive individuals? I supposed the hour glass figures, tall, slim, full lips, bright eyes, clear skin, and thick glossy hair would do it. Right! Don’t forget those broad shoulders, and athletic figures of a male.

According to the BBC show, what makes us attractive is indeed our movement. The way we move somehow makes us attractive. That is why we often find athletics and dancers pretty stunning. The show gave an example where some females find a large male but yet a great dancer fairly attractive. How do males find females attractive? The ways we, females, move when we walk are extremely eye-catching according to the scientist. 

BBC show also further revealed that our symmetrical facial also make us tremendously attractive.  BBC described how we, human, often find symmetrical buildings and art very much fascinating.  Apparently symmetrical gives out sign of being healthy, attractive and sexy.

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This is not old news; btw, our brains have been pre-wired and inherited from our ancient fore-fathers.  There is this formula that the scientists came out that signals healthy and fertile female body, our waist is 70% of our hips. (Basically, if the size of the hip is 1.0 then the waist would be 0.7.)  How about male, you said? Well big eyes, full lips, broad shoulder couple with soft faces indicating warm, caring and sensitive personality that potentially signaling a good family man versus masculine faces which can indicate cold, and dishonest. We, females, also find strength and athleticism in males attention-grabbing.

If you are interested to learn more about this, please watch the whole video listed below. It contains 6 parts of total about 30 minute’s length. You would definitely find them very entertaining...

Have fun and at the end what set you apart from all of these attractive individuals? Your smile! (If you have not read my blog on, please do so.:-) )

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  1. Interesting; if you read some of the research from evolutionary biology and anthropology, WHAT we find attractive is somewhat a function of timing. For example, during earlier points along their monthly cycles (trying to be clear without being explicit), women find a more rugged, masculine face appealing (think of, say, Clive Owen, perhaps), while later, it's the softer, more feminine face (think, Leonardo di Caprio of 10 years ago) they find more compelling. I think the term is called "sexual dimorphism," but am not sure. It apparently has to do with battling levels of testosterone versus oestrogen and progesterone in the blood.

    Men are subject to somewhat analogous, though not as pronounced, phases having to do with high/low levels of testosterone.

    It's all thought to be based on physical cues to fertility, the ability to produce (and in the case of a male, physically protect) offspring.

    Needless to say, vision is highly cued to movement. It's much easier to see things moving than things that are not (think about natural camouflage), and indeed, vision, based on light striking the eye and stimulating the optic nerve, is pronounced more heavily in movement. Birds, it is said, have a tough time even seeing things that don't move. Thus, it's not a surprise that our brains have to a degree evolved to notice subtle cues in movement that alert us as to when a potential partner is "ready" or not, and thus, the partner has evolved a subconscious ability to move in a way to attract (and of course, repel as well).

  2. Very insightful comment. Thank you!