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Friday, October 21, 2011

Seriously! Who said it was my fault?!!!

We live in this era, where finger pointing has become part of our life. Some of us choose to blame on others, some carrying deadly weapons and use that to point at others, some went as far as taking others’ precious life including loved one, leaving the rest of us dumbfounded!

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In today's blog, let’s pause our journey and take a closer look at the word “accountability.” Exactly, what does it mean? According to the Google’s web definition, responsibility for some activity. Webster has listed the definition as “an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions” Okay. What does it really mean in real life?

Have you ever worked with someone that often told you that the tasks should be completed on a certain date or promised to get you whatever it was by a certain date? Time come and all you were getting were excuses after excuses. In the meantime, you were left with nothing but all of the responsibilities.

Some time ago, I accompanied someone for a mammogram and we arrived closer to the closing time. I pleaded to the Radiologist to get him to read the result for us and wrote a report, so I could bring it back to the medical doctor. He took one look at me and said "Just because you can't manage your time, you want me to pay for it?" I was speechless! I always consider myself as a responsible person. I never thought of this aspect of incident was yet another form of accountability Whatever it was, he was right on! Just because I didn't manage my time correctly, and in return I wanted someone to sacrifice his time for me? Just so you know, he did it for us anyway out of courtesy, but he has taught me a lesson that I treasure for life.

How often do we actually look at ourselves closely in the mirror and thinking, perhaps just perhaps, before blaming others or putting our responsibilities to others, perhaps we should own our own problem(s). Perhaps there are things that we could have done better. Perhaps there are things that we could prevent. And perhaps we should take full responsible and stand tall

Everyone has his/her own pet peeve and accountability is mine. Imagine this, if we can't seem to get accountability under our belt, how do we teach our next generation? Sometimes I find it very discouraging, but yet, hoping this blog somehow would inspire us (and perhaps our next generation) to take accountability to the next level.

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  1. Interesting; accountability (and responsibility) of the real sort are in short supply these days.

    Your post has given me fodder for something to say today on my own page (

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  3. Angela, I remember your story and also gain a valuable lesson myself. Thanks so much for sharing :) Will definitely check out your blog for more valuable lessons and parenting tips ;)

  4. Thanks Vicky for your nice and encouraging words.