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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Person Behind My Success

"I don't think I can do it anymore." I said to my husband, who was walking behind me on the narrow path leading up to the top of the steep ravine on our recent hiking trip. He laughed. We both knew very well that there was nothing we could do unless we chose to camp in the wilderness. Don't get me wrong: it was a nice place--with quite stunning scenery. Many tiny waterfalls cascaded into pools of crystal-clear water, and redwood trees surrounded us on all sides. After walking for about two hours, my feet, leaden and aching, wanted to call it a day. They simply demanded a rest and perhaps needed to stretch out while in the comfort of a chair--a massage chair. Oh, how I wish, I inwardly sighed as the thought crossed my mind. All of a sudden, I felt a gentle push on my back...

That gentle push had not only sent me to the next steps of the trail but had also flung me into the tunnel of time, arriving in the year when we were traveling in China--the very year in which I had climbed the Great Wall for the first time. The Great Wall had looked so majestic and the steps extremely intimidating, especially as it had been in the middle of a freezing winter. I had been dressed in a heavy overcoat and the steps leading to the Great Wall seemed to each be towering giants--and definitely not very welcoming.

 I remembered saying, despite the fact that I had wanted to climb up it so badly deep inside my heart, this to my husband in a faint voice: "I don't think I can do it anymore". The icy wind blew across my face as if trying to synchronize with my voice. Just as I was about to give in, I felt the same gentle push on my back. The very gentle push that had gotten me going again, that had urged me to continue on. Sometimes, I had felt his cold gloved hands  reaching for mine and guiding me to the next step. And somehow, between the gentle push and his guidance, we had managed to reach the very top of that section of the Great Wall and even walked on the ruins--part of the original Great Wall that wasn't rebuilt then. 

The warm feeling trickled down into my heart, and I felt content—and even the wind seemed to be warmer. As my eyes swept across the stunning view of the Great Wall, they rested on the person standing next to me--the person who is always there for me and who is always ready with his gentle push. No matter what I do and what I want to do, he is always there for me to support me. He always makes sure that I live through my dreams.

I hope you have enjoyed this little journey of visiting the person who is behind my every success in life. And now it is your turn to tell us: Who is the person behind your success?

Dedicated to my husband on his Birthday. Happy BD my dear and many more years to come ...

Until next stop,
Journey of Life