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Thursday, January 19, 2012

What do Korean's Kimchi, pickle and alcohol have to do with love …

One of my favorite Korean dramas, Summer Scent, has these couples of conversations that I would like to share with you all … (Remember what coffee and Love have in common :-) If not,

First off, if you don’t know what Kimchi and pickle are … please google them. Other than that … here you go …

Supporting actress: The difference between familiar love and fated love is like the difference between kimchi and pickles
Main actress: What do you mean?
 Supporting actress: Fated love is like a pickle. A pickle is so refreshing and sweet. But you couldn’t eat it every day like you eat kimchi (Koreans eat Kimchi almost daily ... fyi.)
Main actress: I thought you liked fated love.
Supported actress: I do, but time-tested love is the real thing. You have known each other for so long and it may not feel exciting but …

Interesting … this is for those who are kind of feeling dull after being in the same relationship for a long time. Feeling like little adventure …Feeling like eating some fresh pickles. Do you have to find new love to feel that … I dun-no! But, why not sprinkle your long-lasting relationship with some pickles here and there. Take her out for a fine dining. Ditch the kids (might as well … they will ditch us anyway :-)) Do something different … something fun … something refreshing … something like fresh pickles :-)

Ready for another one …Here is another snapshot of another conversation on love related subject …

Main actor: Do you know how alcohol and love are similar?
Main actress: silent as no clue
Main actor: They make you intoxicated
Main actress; they make you lose control
Main actor: Sometimes … they give you courage

Have a great Friday everyone! Hope you feel today’s blog as refreshing as those pickles … or hope you have the courage to do something extraordinary that either you could get from the alcoholic drinks or your loved ones.

Until next stop,
Journey of Life

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