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Thursday, January 26, 2012

What She Said … What She Really Means…

Communication is quite important as we know. We were taught since elementary that we need to communicate and communicate. Even among households, communication seems to be the major pet-peeve.  Especially with women. Sometimes what we said may not be what we meant. Haven't you noticed that we women are really complicated creatures :-)

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When a woman said: “Are you busy,”
What she really meant “I need your attention now!”

When she said: “I am fine,”
What she really meant: “No, I am not fine. “

When she said: “It is up to you,”
You know that it is NOT really up to you. It better be up to her.

When she said, “I need …”
What she really meant: “I want …”

What she said, “Do whatever you want!”
What she really meant, “You better not.”

When she said, “We need to talk.”
What she really meant, “I need to complain!”

What she said,” Do I look okay?”
What she really meant, “I look good, don’t I!”

What she said, “My friend’s husband bought her some flowers.”
What she really meant,” Where is mine?”

What she said, “My friend’s necklace is so beautiful.”
What she really meant, “Can I get one too?”

Sometimes looking at things beyond what they appear to be,  gave us our sanity back and be able to have a good laugh. Life after all is too precious to spend on nonsense stuff. Speaking of nonsense, Do you have your list of ‘What She Says …What She Really Means?’ –Tell me ya…

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