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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cabo San Lucas ...

Cabo San Lucas is one of the best ports of call in my humble opinion. Cruise ship will tender board here, meaning they will park somewhere nearby sea and using the smaller transit boards to take the passengers to
the pier. Your cruise ship will inform you when they will tender board and when is the last re-board time.

Once you arrived at the pier, you are welcomed by many restaurants, shops, hotels as well as flea markets. Plenty time to stroll around to buy souvenirs or simply window shopping. Our trip this time gives us the ultimate 2 days stop at the Cabo. As I mentioned in my previous blog, this is our second time here and we are still finding ourselves in love with Cabo. Why you say ... well ... let's see ...

First, you will need to find yourself a glass bottom boat to take you to the Los Arcos and the Lover's Beach. (Yes, Lover's beach ... what a romantic name eh?) As they always say, never settle on the first thing you see. Always shop around. Yes, even with the glass bottom boat ride. You will need to shop around. Here is why … First we were approached by this young man who quoted us $10 per head for 45 minutes sight-seeing to see the pelicans, Sea-lion cove, Los Arcos, a window to both world (a place where two different oceans, Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean meet,) then a stopover at the Lover’s Beach for however long you decided.  We just kept walking and finally we were approached by this older man and he quoted us $29.00 for four of us. <- I didn’t bargain, btw. (To be honest, I don’t mind paying $40.00 but saving of ~$10.00 would do it as well.)

Lucky us, we had the boat to ourselves as if it were our private boat. Bottom glass boat I said? Well, it is more like a cut out of the bottom of the boats with some blurry windows and we couldn’t even see anything , let along fish! Nevertheless, that is not what are here for. We are here to feel the sea breeze, to see the pelicans, the sea-lions, the Los Arcos and most notably, the Lover’s beach.
Pelicans@Cabo San Lucas
After we were dropped at the Lover’s beach, we strolled around and took some photos. We climbed the rocks and took some more photos. Then we rested at the white-sand beach and the girls decided to hit the sand. Making tunnel this time.Me, I decided to nap then watched the wave and the girls having fun. My hubby decided to take more photos. (Credit to him for all of these photos!)

My private boat :-)
Tiny window between Sea Cortez and Pacific Ocean
Los Arcos
Sea Lion's colony
Rock Climbing :-)
Me at Lover's beach
Can you spot the para-sailing at the Pacific Ocean ... (Nope, it was not me up there ... :-) )
The guy came back to pick us up around the promised time. Worth to note here, that you are paying the full amount up-front and you just have to trust the guy to come back and pick you up. I assume, they want to retain their reputation so they would come back and pick you up. The worst, you just paid for another $5 per head to return. Another thing to note here is to disembark and embark on this glass-bottom boat is quite an adventure. You would need to jump down and hoping you will find the ground or hopefully have someone help you. And when re-board back, you will need to climb up and sometimes when the wave hit, you may slip off inside the boat. It happened to us and my young girl skinned her knee. But, not too bad, part of the fun. I guess.

This is the place where you probably can skip the shore excursions, as you can see, you will be fine on your own. This time, you could even try the local food, if you haven’t tired of the cruise-ship's food just yet. Stroll around the flea-market and take some photos along the pier.
There are plenty of activities being sold here as well, Para-sailing for one and snorkeling as well as other water activities. We didn’t try the ones from the local nor the cruise ship.

Until next stop,
Journey of Life

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