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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hey! Come down ...

I woke up around 6:00 am or so during my last cruise to Mexico and headed to the gym as usual. I saw a handful of people there. Not too many. It probably had to do with the early hour and being on a vacation where people tended to sleep in. Well … I am just one of those people who like to start my day early and enjoy my time doing the stuff I like.

Anyway, I was doing my usual exercise on the elliptical machine. Minding my own business … All of the sudden, I heard this cursing coming from the back of me. I didn’t want to look … you know. It is probably wise to stay away from this type of people anyway. But, gosh! He was loud and sounded frustrating. He was making so much noise doing his exercise. I think he was doing some weight lifting training or some sorts. I remembered thinking to myself … Get a life! If you are that frustrated … please do it in your room! As you could imagine, the atmosphere was becoming very dry and awkward. The rest of us, pretending nothing happened but really were not that comfortable. At least it was the case for me.

I started to ask myself … was this something to do with the way that our counterpart, males, venting their frustrations? I don’t think females do that. I know females whine, and a lot! In my case, when I am frustrated, I am not very talkative and I tend to be hermit or tend to ignore all of the people. I am somewhat civilized if need be but just not that cheerful. Some people feel uncomfortable thinking that I am mad at them since I am not the usual cheerful person. But trust me, I am not … just not a good company at that moment!

Some of us like to share everything with our loved ones, or close friends. So, Guys, if we females are frustrated and very talkative and wanting to share, please be happy and listen. Remember, most of the time, we don’t need you to solve our problems and all we ask is your time and listening skill. By the time when we keep our mouths shut. You know, something has gone really wrong. To get us to talk again is much harder than to get us to shut up at the first place. :-)

I guess males don’t like to share their feelings and sometimes the only way for them to let the anger/frustration out is to vent out and cursing is one of the way they do. Perhaps hitting on the exercise machines or whatever. But, still … try to do it privately, away from other people. Seriously! When I interviewed for a job many years ago which I ended up taking it anyway. My ex-boss informed me that occasionally I might hear some cursing in the meeting rooms. I remembered saying this to myself, What!! Even today, I still am not very comfortable around folks who like to curse. Nothing personal.

It is fun to take a walk around and observing different people with different personalities and styles, while breathing in fresh air and feeling how great it is to be alive and able to observe them. Until then, I am off to my next path …

Until next stop,
Journey of Life

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