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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Walk beyond our weakness …

A lot of us are too conscious about our own weakness and for the same reasons; we feel intimidated and want to hide behind them.  Sounds familiar?

I was at the DECA competition couple weeks ago as a chaperone for Pepper’s school. For those who know me personally know that I don’t hesitate to speak up. I don’t have problems with large crowd of new people. I can make my ways around.

A dinner was thrown to honor the chaperones and judges for helping the organization and to thank us for our time. There were about 10 of us or so in one table and they were all strangers to me. I didn’t know any single one of them but that didn’t stop me from talking, chatting and voiced my opinions.

The next morning, I happened to sit next to a mom, a Chinese descendant that was on the same table with me at the dinner and she mentioned this to me, “You are very alive.” I said, “I am?” She meant I am pretty outgoing, btw. She added on, “I have a lot of things to share as well but I refrained myself from speaking out because I think that my English is not that good. But … “ she went on, “your English is not perfect too and that doesn’t stop you.” I smiled.

Yes, come to think about it. It never stops me. I don’t have perfect English in both written and spoken and that never stop me from writing or speaking. Otherwise this blog will never existed in the first place :-)  My twelve years old, Baby Boo once said to me, “Mommy your writing is horrible. You made a lot of grammatical mistakes. “ I said, “I know but I could learn along the way. Practice makes me perfect. Someday … “ :-)

As we take another step into our journeys, let’s insert this thought into our mind and ask ourselves this question, “Do we want our weaknesses to be our very same reason for blocking our path?” Think again!

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Adele’s Set Fire to the rain

Last I heard at my favorite radio station, which was couple weeks ago at the very least; Adele’s album 21 was on the top of the chart for more than 14 weeks. The radio’s newscaster mentioned that she even topped Beatles. That to be verified, nevertheless, I shared the topic with my two girls and hubby. My hubby was a bit shock; He is Beatles’ fan and couldn’t believe that.

Pepper, said that a lot of her friends really like Adele's song, 'Set Fire to the Rain.' She further analyzed and said, “Probably because the lyric is so simple to understand and perhaps portrays similar experiences of majority of the audiences.” I found this amusing coming out from Pepper.

It is also worth noting that one of the male newscaster in the radio also mentioned, “Adele makes me want to cry.” Interesting … This triggered me to question, why do we humans drawn to sad faces, and tears? Perhaps sad songs attract us for the same very reason?

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Somehow most of the hit songs were all either about breakup, unrequited love, broken heart and pretty much sad sad sad! To be fair, there are happy- hit songs about falling in love as well.

We are attracted to sad songs and we can’t seem to walk away when we see our loved ones or closed friends crying. Yes, even strangers. Tears seem to have a strong magnetic to pull us in. This is especially true for men and seems to be a good weapon for women :-)

Have we ever wondered in every second of our lives, how many people are falling in love vs. how many people are sadden because of love?  

Life is so much interesting because of love. Aren’t we glad we could feel the love even if they are not meant to be? As one of my ex-coworker posted in his FB, “Sometimes we fall in love with the wrong person and that ‘wrong’ person prepared us for the ‘right’ one.” Beautiful!

This song has been playing at my favorite station to the point that it stuck in my head :-) So, I am passing this to you ... LOL

Until next stop,
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

I finally found my way back …

One time at my church, I heard a reading about a Lost Son, this is a story about a son that had asked for his part of the inheritance and later spent it all and left with nothing but an empty stomach. Couldn’t bear his hunger, he decided to go back home to seek for his father’s forgiveness. To his surprise, his father not only had forgiven him but celebrated his return by throwing a huge party.

This really troubled the older son. The older son couldn’t help it and asked their father for explanation. He said to his father, “Father, my brother left with all of his part of the inheritance and came back with nothing. I am always here by your side and worked very hard each day. You have never thrown me any party to commemorate my loyalty but to your unfaithful son.”

This father smiled and answered, “"But, my son," the father continued, "you are always with me, and everything I have is yours.  We had to celebrate and be glad because this brother of yours was lost and now he is found."
In reality, our parents probably won’t give their inheritances for us to waste then throw a huge party to welcome us back after we are dirt-poor. Let’s hope that they would take us back but party? Nay!

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However, sometimes our poor souls maybe wondering too far off and somehow lost their way back. We often find ourselves too caught up with our own problems and perhaps being trapped for awhile and simply lost our ways back or had a hard time coming back. With the help from our loved ones, the silver lining is there waiting for us. That is perhaps the huge party that we are hoping for.

As we walk in this journey of lives, sometimes we may walk off path and find ourselves lost and can't find our way back. When we finally find our ways back and knowing that our loved ones are always there waiting for us with the biggest smile – celebration -- that is, makes us the luckiest people on earth!

Have you found yourself from time to time walk off the path that you are supposed to be? If so, how was the way home? Was it rough? How did you feel?
Until next stop,
Journey of Life

Thursday, January 26, 2012

What She Said … What She Really Means…

Communication is quite important as we know. We were taught since elementary that we need to communicate and communicate. Even among households, communication seems to be the major pet-peeve.  Especially with women. Sometimes what we said may not be what we meant. Haven't you noticed that we women are really complicated creatures :-)

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When a woman said: “Are you busy,”
What she really meant “I need your attention now!”

When she said: “I am fine,”
What she really meant: “No, I am not fine. “

When she said: “It is up to you,”
You know that it is NOT really up to you. It better be up to her.

When she said, “I need …”
What she really meant: “I want …”

What she said, “Do whatever you want!”
What she really meant, “You better not.”

When she said, “We need to talk.”
What she really meant, “I need to complain!”

What she said,” Do I look okay?”
What she really meant, “I look good, don’t I!”

What she said, “My friend’s husband bought her some flowers.”
What she really meant,” Where is mine?”

What she said, “My friend’s necklace is so beautiful.”
What she really meant, “Can I get one too?”

Sometimes looking at things beyond what they appear to be,  gave us our sanity back and be able to have a good laugh. Life after all is too precious to spend on nonsense stuff. Speaking of nonsense, Do you have your list of ‘What She Says …What She Really Means?’ –Tell me ya…

Until next stop,
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