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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Ensenada was our first port of call on our nine days Mexico cruise voyage with Carnival Spirit. This was where the ‘margarita’ drink was born, so they claimed. Speaking of margarita, I loved it (with less alcohol that is since I can’t tolerate much :-) ) I think something with the taste of lime and salt make it appealing to my taste bud and I simply love it!

We arrived at Ensenada on the 2nd day of the cruise and we decided to take this shore excursion to La Bufodora for $30.00 per head. I am sure I could do better with taxi for four of us, but we were not that familiar with Mexico and I was not comfortable with the recent news so we decided to play safe. I read the reviews prior to booking. Some loved it, some didn't  The thing with the blow hole is depending on the nature. If the tide is high, then the water shoot up naturally are higher and with low tide … well barely.

From the pier to the La Bufadora took us about 50 minutes each way. The whole trip lasted about 4 hours. We had a little over an hour to spend at the La Bufadora site. Call it our lucky day, there were plenty of high water shooting up when we were there. So, we spent about 15-20 minutes or so checking out the blow hole then we spent the rest of the time wondering the nearby flea market and tasting the local food.

We tried the churros. Too sweet (I think Costco does better job or perhaps Disney land’s one is much better. Maybe they have catered to our taste :-) ) They sold some local art and crafts, leather sandals and clothing as well.

The thing about Mexico (and some other countries) we need to wear our negotiation hat and bargain, otherwise we will walk out feeling like being ripped off. Imagine this, they quoted me $35 for a pair leather sandal. Nice ones but $35 bucks?!!! At the end, I walked out with $12.50 a pair. Not bad :-0 The tour guide suggested me to bargain 20-30% off. And I did better than that, did I?

Speaking of bargaining, you could even bargain for the churros. The guy quoted me for $3.00 a bag and I just saw someone paid for $2.00. See what I was saying?

Then we went to this joint where they sold all kinds of tacos. Chicken, Beef, Shrimp and Fish. Pretty decent place and quite clean as well. We checked it out before eating since we didn’t want to have food poisoning on our 2nd of voyage, if you know what I mean. Five tacos for $7.50 and they were very tasty! Especially when I sprinkled it with some hot sauce …(No, I didn’t bargain since the price was quite reasonable and it was listed on the menu :-) )

The tour ended at the old casino place named, “Rievera Del Pacifico.” There I had the first sip of the margarita. Yum … luv it! We were given choices of being dropped off in the downtown then take taxi for a buck per person for ride back to the pier or straight back to the pier. We chose to go back simply we had no desire to go on more shopping. I know .. I know ... I couldn't believe it either that I refused to go on a shopping trip. Well... only if it were Paris :-)

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