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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beyond first impression … what makes you stand out?

Couple weeks ago I blogged about First Impression -- What Makes You Attractive? From there, we learned that certain figures are viewed more attractive than others.  The hour glass figures, tall, slim, full lips, bright eyes, clear skin, and thick glossy hair of women as well as broad shoulders and athletic figures of males.

Okay, what percent of this population have that kind of figure, one may ask. In fact, let’s do a little adventure and let me take you to the Tang dynasty era, oh... just a few thousands year back, when plump was considered prestigious and elegant.  Only girls with high status from wealthy families were plump. And slim or skinny girls belonged to the poor because of lack of nutrients.

In fact from what I read in the internet, “plump women were seen as beautiful in classical Greece to Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution.” Interesting …

It was claimed that only recent generations view slim as beautiful. Sadly, in order to achieve this, a lot of girls go on un-healthy diets and some go as far as being anorexic. Okay, it may not be too healthy if we are too plump as well.  Some of us are born with big bones and we may have harder time to be as slim as the rest of us. That doesn’t mean that we are not attractive though.

There is something beyond the first impression. It is true that our appearance is the first impression that others will have on us. But, beyond that what make we stand out is our personality as well as our movement and smile..

A friend of mine, whose initial is ‘R,’ suggested that I write a post about “Big is beautiful.” So here it is! Beyond the look, regardless slim or plump, we have inner beauty: our personality! Our heart! So, instead of focusing on achieving a slimmer body, why not jazz up our smile? Say Cheese ...and perhaps attend those dance classes.

Let’s not pause in our journeys to chase for the look, because beyond the look, beyond the outside, there is our heart that is waiting to be discovered and that makes us stand out!

Until next stop,
Journey of Life

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