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Monday, January 30, 2012

Adele’s Set Fire to the rain

Last I heard at my favorite radio station, which was couple weeks ago at the very least; Adele’s album 21 was on the top of the chart for more than 14 weeks. The radio’s newscaster mentioned that she even topped Beatles. That to be verified, nevertheless, I shared the topic with my two girls and hubby. My hubby was a bit shock; He is Beatles’ fan and couldn’t believe that.

Pepper, said that a lot of her friends really like Adele's song, 'Set Fire to the Rain.' She further analyzed and said, “Probably because the lyric is so simple to understand and perhaps portrays similar experiences of majority of the audiences.” I found this amusing coming out from Pepper.

It is also worth noting that one of the male newscaster in the radio also mentioned, “Adele makes me want to cry.” Interesting … This triggered me to question, why do we humans drawn to sad faces, and tears? Perhaps sad songs attract us for the same very reason?

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Somehow most of the hit songs were all either about breakup, unrequited love, broken heart and pretty much sad sad sad! To be fair, there are happy- hit songs about falling in love as well.

We are attracted to sad songs and we can’t seem to walk away when we see our loved ones or closed friends crying. Yes, even strangers. Tears seem to have a strong magnetic to pull us in. This is especially true for men and seems to be a good weapon for women :-)

Have we ever wondered in every second of our lives, how many people are falling in love vs. how many people are sadden because of love?  

Life is so much interesting because of love. Aren’t we glad we could feel the love even if they are not meant to be? As one of my ex-coworker posted in his FB, “Sometimes we fall in love with the wrong person and that ‘wrong’ person prepared us for the ‘right’ one.” Beautiful!

This song has been playing at my favorite station to the point that it stuck in my head :-) So, I am passing this to you ... LOL

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