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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Coffee and Love, what do they have in common?

Disclaimer: I am not a coffee drinker so I don’t exactly know how true the following statements are. So, you tell me!

I am watching this Korean drama, “Summer Scent,” and here what some of words exchanged between the main actress and actor.” -- (Viewable from US only

The actress (F) said “Do you know what coffee and love have in common?”
The actor (M) replied, “Coffee and Love? Well …”
F:  “Both of them are sweet and bitter, and there are many varieties.”
M:  “It’s hard to switch once you get used to a certain flavor.”
F:  “The flavor changes depending on the temperature, but it’s best hot.”
M:  “It’s addictive.”
M:  “Both love and coffees are hard to give up.”
F: “You start when you’re a grownup”
F: “And instant is also good”
M: “On a rainy day … you crave it more.”
F: “The mood has big effect on it.”

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Have fun reading so far? Don’t go yet … I have more for you to think about over the weekend

For details click on the link below, but here is the exact quote
“Someone who really loves you
Sees what a mess you can be,
How moody you can get,
How hard u are to handle,
But still wants u in their life”

Hmm ... I was wondering if that someone either owed you in their last life or simply foolish :-)  
Happy Friday!

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