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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am with you every step of the way …

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“Mommy, do you think I will have a night-mare tonight?”
“No, you will not, Baby Boo.”
“Are you sure, Mommy?”
“Yes! Because I will be there in your dream to protect you.”
“Okay. Good nite and love you, Mommy!”
“Good nite and love you , Baby Boo,”

And she didn't have the night mare that she had on the night before. Somehow, my little re-assurance made her night-mare went away!

I am always there for the girls. If they need to stay late or wake up early to study, I am with them. That goes for both girls. I sat in countless classes when they were little, especially for Baby Boo, my younger one. I was there when she was in pre-school. I was there when she first started Sunday school, Chinese school,  drawing class, abacus class, dance class, piano class and yes, name it and I was there! I was there as long as she needed me. For some of those classes, I was literally sitting in the class with her or outside the class and didn't step away from the premises until the class was adjourned.  I did that for many years. Why? Because she needed me! For Baby Boo, I was her source of confidence. She needs a little reassurance from me and somehow being there for her would make her gain the confidence. 

Recently the girls started golfing, but their learning takes its toll. So, I decided to join the class with them. Just being there make a huge difference in their learning attitude. From I despised golf to “I did pretty well today!” 
Often enough, when they are stuck or lose their confidence, all they need is some assurance. And what we need to do is being there for them.. Most of the time, they don’t need us to help them or tell them what to do even solving their problems. In fact, they know exactly what to do. But, somehow, our presence makes a huge difference. 

There are times, when they need us to lead the way.. Blogging is my way of leading the path for my baby boo so she could take a big step herself in achieving her own dream as writing is her passion.
As we step forward into our journey of life, once in a while,  let's pause and be there for those we need us! And other times, let's lead the way for those who need us to be their guiding light!

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  1. This is a nice story about Baby Boo - cute name too.

    And the pyramid pic is great!

  2. Thank you Sunni. I think Baby Boo is cute too :-)

  3. It is so true that sometimes we need to just be there and assure them we will ALWAYS be there. My daughter is in many different activities...and when she feels stressed out by it all, I hope the fact that I am always there for her helps her.

    How very sweet that you made her nightmare go away by telling her you'll be in her dreams to protect her! I'm going to keep that in mind!

    1. Thank you for the warm visit. Your daughter is very lucky to have a mom like you.

  4. glad you linked up! And you're brave to make those nightmare promises! I've made them and always worry they will be broken. Lately my promises are to Ryan that he will not throw up his biggest fear for weeks now since he was sick. So far the promise hasn't been broken!

    1. I believe a mother's promise has a spell to it :-)

  5. What a sweet story. For my kids, I always created a circle of blue light to protect them, then showed them when they were just a bit older, how to do it themselves. It really seemed effective–that blue light. I love the fierce trust and imagination of children.

    1. Great idea, the circle of blue light --sound so magical!