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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Special feeling ...

Often times, something special or someone special will touch your heart and all of sudden, your life is lighten up. On this special occasion, I personally have been touched by many people, not just anybody, but every single one of you that collectively have made me a special person on this very special day.

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This special touch has generated a very powerful feeling of – gratitude. In fact, Psychologists studying the effects of positive emotions say gratitude can improve our sense of happiness. This feeling of happiness is indescribable.It is like a little bit of feeling special, a little bit of feeling being on top of the world, a whole lot of feeling gratitude.

We often take things for granted and simply forget to thank those who have been kind to us, especially our loved ones. Nowadays, our children are pretty much living in luxurious life and sometimes I wondered if they ever feel thankful for what they have. But then, I don’t suppose we want to fall into the trap where we would repeatedly tell our children how they should be grateful and how we didn’t have that kind of luxury that they have today and on and on. 

Exactly, how can we insert the feeling of gratitude into our next generation without literally forcing or shuffle the words, ‘gratitude’ into their mouth? Perhaps we should thank them when they decided to listen to us, perhaps we should thank them for doing their works without us pestering them, and perhaps we should thank them for loving us. After all, gratitude could generate happiness, if we turn it into a conscious and regular practice. According to Psychologist,  feeling gratitude is something we do vs. something you wait for! Maybe then, they would be grateful as well. Not just feeling grateful but also enjoying the happiness that we want them to share. 

Let’s embed gratitude into our heart so our heart will be filled with joyousness and somehow our 'journey of life' would brighten up. Bright enough that would touch many more hearts and this special feeling will live on!

Until next stop,
Journey of Life


  1. I thank my 12 old sons calling me everyday after school. At the beginning or end of conversation. Or would say it when he reaches home if I didn't have chance to tell him on the phone :-). The message is I'd like to encourage him to keep up with this habits n I sincerely appreciate his effort!

  2. Your son is so sweet and you are one lucky mom! Thank you for sharing with us.