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Monday, January 9, 2012

Puerto Vallarta …

When I think back about Puerto Vallarta ... this image comes to mind ...

Hmm … Puerto Vallarta, our 3rd visit to this place … This time, we decided to take the over-priced excursion. I believe it was called “Whales/Dolphin/Snorkeling,” for $80 per person! They took us to the Marietas Island. About 2 hours one way from the Puerto Vallarta’s pier. I was hoping to hit the jackpot sighting the whales and Dolphins. It was said that the sightings were frequent.

We managed to spot a few but from far away. Nothing to write home about! I heard the snorkeling was a bit rough in this island. The girls decided not to jump in since the water was a bit cold and they weren’t feeling that well from the motion. I, on the other hand, am not a good swimmer so naturally I skip most of the snorkeling adventures and plus we need a keeper for our valuable items in the family and that is my job.

Can you spot the whale?
Here is something worth mentioning, what I like about this trip is the pristine beach that we got to visit. OMG … It was so gorgeous! The scenery is striking, the sand is so smooth and place is out-of-the world. I love it. We spent much time playing by the water, taking more photos as you can see. The girls were so happy to be here. The air was much fresher here and the atmosphere is so great. I wish we can spend hours and hours here … If you like Lover’s Beach, you will definitely fall in love with this beach.

The other side of this rock where the true pristine beach is hidden ...

Back at the catamaran, we were fed buffet of sandwiches, chips and open bar. Naturally, I got myself a cup of Margarita (again with less alcohol.) Then the crew did dance shows for us and the music was blasting with the latest light rock that you could find in local station. I wish I could stay here for sometimes … I guess this is truly a lifetime getaway …

Until next stop,
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