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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Someone special …

I am going to take you to the year where I met this very someone in my life, a boy that is. I met him when I was twelve years old. I just graduated from elementary (back then, the elementary school started from first grade all the way to grade 6th.) My mom decided to take me and my brothers along with my aunts for a trip to the land of the goddess, Bali Island. And this boy and his brother as well his cousin tagged along on our trip. That was the first time I saw him. I must admit he was the most handsome boy I have ever met :-)

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He and my brother were very good friend.  I vaguely remember the details of the trip. But I do remember one thing, he was a funny boy and he had a great personality. We got along just fine. One of the memorable moments from the trip that stuck in my mind was that my aunt carried a piece of sanitary napkin inside her bag and a monkey managed to snatch it from her and took that napkin out and tore them apart. Can you imagine the scene it was created?

Several years gone by, he had his set of friends and so did I. We barely hung out together. Then we met again when I was eighteen. My father wanted me to attend the college that he attended at that time. He picked me up from airport and arranged school and accommodation for me. And we hang out a lot together.
He was there when I had my first major surgery in life where my parents couldn’t be there for me. He was there to comfort me when I lost my father to the death. He was there when I graduated from college. And He was the one who had stolen my very first kiss. And it had to be at the Haunted Mansion’s ride @ Disneyland.” Yep! The happiest place on earth :-)

My mom said when he was much younger, she caught him crying alone. In the effort to sooth him, she decided to take him for a walk and bought him some candies. Little did she know that this very same boy, someday, would steal her daughter’s heart.

Some people say relationship that starts from friendship lasts a lifetime. Our friendship has started since I was twelve (He was thirteen and half) and to this very date, he is still my very special friend. We have been through many up and down in life and somehow we survived.

Meeting him is the best thing that ever happened in my life. He is such a kind, thoughtful, understanding and sweet person. He always gives me the freedom to do whatever I please and most importantly he always there to support me. No matter what decision that I have made, he would be behind me. The same guy who was waiting for me on one valentine dinner only to find me showing up an hour later and still decided to buy me a bouquet of roses despite how unhappy he was. Not to mention, he knows me better than myself. Scary but true …

Today I would like to dedicate this blog to my very special someone … my hubby. And I want to let him know that he can’t get rid of me. I would latch on to him until I take my last breath …

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  1. Oh wow... what a beautiful story... I love it, and I love how amazing he sounds... I so believe in fate and destiny... I was in an italian restaurant with my mom when a lady (who came in with a large group) approached me to see if I was seeing anyone because she thought I would be "perfect for her brother-in-law". I told her I was (truth - although I don't know what I was thinking by dating him - but that is another story) but even if I wasn't I would have lied because I thought her b-i-l must be a huge loser - needing his SIL to scout out dates... Then a year later, my mom and i were at the same restaurant and were sat next to the same lady and 3 men, one of which was her bil Marc. We hit it off imediately. I later learned his SIL came over because he told her I was cute...

    1. OMG. You and Marc are destined to be together. He is so handsome and you are so gorgeous! (Your FB) photo. And thank you for liking my page :-)
      Now I understand, even if you would have been a FIB Profiler, I believe you and Marc somehow would meet and be together. It is meant to be! Simply fascinating!

  2. You are beyond sweet and made my morning.... sending you hugs

    1. Thank you and it is nothing but the truth ...