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Monday, February 20, 2012

I will be your memory or not ...

The other day, my hubby and I were chatting in the car on our way back home from our Valentine dinner. We were reminiscing some memorable moments from our younger age.  Unfortunately, a lot of things he had already forgotten. Remember … men have the empty box in their brain? Yeah … air head :-)

I told him this, “No worry … I will be your memory. I can always lend you my memory," as long as he doesn’t forget me.  Then I told him this true story that I read in the news …

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Sandra Day O’Connor, nominated by President Reagan, was the first woman to hold a title of associate justice of the US Supreme Court and had served 25 years, stepped down in order to be with her husband of 55 years. Little did she know that Alzheimer's slowly changed her husband and then the inevitable came, he fell for another dementia lady.

What would you do? Will you able to do what Sandra O’Connor did? She gave her husband her blessing. I am not sure if I would be able to stand even the thought of that … but then sometimes things just happened for a reason. No?

Fine. How about coconut oil? -- Thanks to my coworker who had forwarded me and the team this link. Check out the video embedded in this link.

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  1. I heard that story about Justice O'Connor. I know someone at work who has a very similar story about her father, who, as his dementia worsened, had a "girlfriend" in his facility.

    AD is a particularly nasty illness - in many ways, it's worse than an acute illness (like cancer) where the person dies quickly. It's tough to keep in mind that, while the person's physical body is there and looks more or less the same, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, the person is less "there." I had an interesting discussion last summer with an AD researcher on the nature of what makes someone "them."

    1. Isn't that sad? seeing someone you love but he/she doesn't even remember you? I would rather that person left me, if you know what I mean. I would be interested to learn more from you about AD when we meet up later this year.