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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Missing someone ...

Yesterday, I blogged about the “The Saddest Goodbye ever …” Part of the pain was due to the fact that we miss that very someone and we are no longer able to feel and communicate with that person, unfortunately …

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My younger daughter and I experienced losing valuable friendships several years ago. She was in tears and my heart ached. The last blog reminded me of these mother and daughter.

I met this very friend of mine many years ago thru my younger daughter. She met a very cute, and adorable girl at school and they hit it off. They both shared the same interest, drawing. There were many play dates between them and naturally I came to know this little girl’s mom. She is a very intelligent, dedicated mom, down to earth, caring and thoughtful person. Our friendship grew stronger each time we connect.

We exchanged many dinner invitations between our families and we even spent one Thanksgiving and Xmas dinner together. Her family and mine are just meant to be. Until one day … .things just happened. She called me one night to discuss about something that bothered her. I wasn’t sure what I said and I must have hurt her deeply and she disappeared. I tried my best but she just shut off. Then all of the connectivity had come to a halt. That was it!

Until today, I had no clue what I had said that led us into this state. All I know is I miss her … her cheerful smile … her friendship. Some time ago, my younger one mentioned that she missed her friend. I told her, "I know ... I miss my friend too." Regardless, I am grateful that I have come to know her and her family even we have ended this way. I hope someday she would decide to open her heart again for our friendship ... for our girls' friendship.

Until then … I will keep walking forward and maybe someday our paths would cross again and we would start a new chapter in our lives together as a close friend. Again.

Inevitably, we humans would experience losing connection with someone that we care whether we plan it or not. But, instead of focusing on the pain it had caused, treasure the great times that we have shared together and be grateful that we have met in the lifetime. After all meeting one person out of the 7 Billion people in itself is worth celebrating! As I heard it from somewhere ... you don't forget that very someone in your life, you just learned to live without them. Beautiful!

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  1. It's good for me to be reminded that the friendship itself is/was a blessing - even if it ended poorly.

    Have you tried contacting your friend at all? Writing a letter or anything?

    I wrote my friend a letter because I needed to explain where I was coming from. Because of what she and her husband did to my family, I did have to lay out some guidelines for initiating contact again. I haven't heard from her in a year, so that's that.

    1. I did after this very post and I sent her the link to this post, but no replied...