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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Could you FTP your mind to me please …

There is this couple whose relationship has shattered due to communication problems. So, they decided to seek a ‘shrink,’ for enlightenment. As they walked in, they saw this Psychologist in a room and next to him were two chairs and on top of each chair, there was an odd looking thing like 'helmet'. These two helmets were connected to each other via a long tube. Both of them looked at each other with questions written all of over their faces.

The silence was broken with a simple question, “So, you two want to communicate better, eh?” the Psychologist’s voice echoed in their ears.
“Yes …” answered the husband and the wife nodded in return.
“Tell me more …” the Psychologist went on.  
“You see … my wife complained that I am such an airhead,” answer the husband anxiously.
“Yes! And he complained that I always remember every little thing and nag him about,” “And that drove me nut!” The husband finished the sentence.
“Brilliant!” exclaimed the Psychologist.”
“Ha!” both husband and wife murmured in one voice.

“Please take a seat if you may.” So both husband and wife sat on the designated chairs and they were instructed to put on the helmet. The Psychologist  then explained the function of the helmets. Apparently this helmet has the most up-to-date patented technology where it will allow a protocol called, “FTP,” to transfer ‘brain waves’ from one person to another via IPSec tunnel to ensure the brain-waves arrived safely and securely to the destination. –this couple would be the first guinea pig, btw.

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“Let’s do the husband first.” So, the Psychologist activated the FTP from the husband’s brain to the wife's. Strangely the FTP was completed in less than 10 seconds. So he tried again for the next 10 times and the result still the same. The whole FTP was completed in less than 10 seconds each time. Frustrated he was, he finally said,” Let’s continue with the wife.” This time, the FTP brain waves transfer seemed to be working as expected. The Psychologist could see the brain waves being transferred over from the wife’s to the husband’s. So the whole process went on and on until the system crashed with ‘out of memory’ error.  "No surprise," he muttered.

Three of them sat and analyzed the data. The couple went home that very night exhausted from the session and they decided to watch this video that they found in you tube… Finally they understood why the FTP for the male’s brain wave was completed in no time and why it took forever to FTP women’s brain waves and ended with 'out of memory' from the receiver end --male's brain, that is!  Have fun and Have a happy Friday!

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