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Sunday, February 19, 2012

What would be the one thing that I would do again?

Last Wednesday, I had a blast listening to the table topics that we had at our toastmaster group. It was one of the best table topics that I've attended so far. The lady who was the Table Topics Master for that night said that assuming 2012 is the year of the doom, what would the audiences do based on the questions she asked.

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Here are some of the sample questions she asked, “If you are given one day to be an immortal person, what would you do?” and “If if you were given a chance to know when would be the time for you to die, would you want to know or not and why?”

One of the guest speakers won the ‘The Best Table Topic Speaker,” that very nite. He said, “If he was given a chance to know when would be the day that he would die. He would want to know the answer because that would give him a chance to do something daring and bold. He also mentioned that he read Steve Job’s biography and one of the reasons why Steve Jobs always did his best was because somehow he knew that he wouldn’t live long.

After listening to all of the questions from the table topics, I somehow found one question for myself.
If I died today and was given another chance to live, what would be the one thing that I would again?

Interesting! Before I answer that very question … let me take you to a conversation that had happened between a wife and her husband.

So, the wife asked, “If you died today and when you entered the land of the death, an angel welcomed you and said that you shouldn't have died so you are given another chance to live. Before you leave the land of the death, you have a choice to drink a sacred water where you would forget everything you had in the past life and start a brand new life. The question is would you drink the sacred water?"

And this silly husband answered, “No, I will not drink the sacred water.”
And the wife asked again curiously, “Why?”
His answer was, “‘cause I don’t want to forget the people that I love.”
The wife was touched, “You mean … you don’t want to forget me and the girls?”

I know what I would do. How about you?

Do you think this boy didn't drink the water?


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