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Friday, March 2, 2012

How we gain weight …

Ha! You are probably wondering why on earth I would write about gaining weight, while most of us want to lose weight. Well, reverse psychology is my answer. Until we understand how we gain weight, it is hard to lose weight.  

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Disclaimer, I was born to be a skinny person. There you go, I admit it. When I was at high school, I was probably one of the skinniest people in high school if not within the top 10. I am about 5’7’’ but yet I weighed about 100 lb or so. Pretty skinny right? Right!

Diet? Nope, it wasn’t in my dictionary. In fact, I ate more than boys or at the very least more than most girls. I remember if I were to go to parties or something, I would either have to chow down first or ate afterward. – You know, self conscious …didn’t want to be known as the girl who ate the most.

In fact, when my hubby and I were dating, we would order 3 (read –three big) plates of fried rice and two big bowls of beef ball soups and he ate half and the other half went down to my tummy. –Yes … yes... He still dated me after seeing me ate that way :-)

Over the course of couple pregnancies and started to age, (Boy … I hate to admit it, but oh… well!) I come to learn that my metabolism has decreased significantly. So, in short, I have gained weight several times thru out my life. But each time I gained weight, I analyzed it and knew exactly what had happened and I managed to lose it back. – Maybe I should write a book about this huh?

Okay. There are three simple causes …
1.       My mouth just couldn’t stop eating even after my tummy had screamed that it was full …
Seriously? What can I say more here other than STOP eating when you are feeling full! – Very inspiring, right :-)
2.       I always managed to overfill my plate …
When the food spilled from the overfill plate, it may get messy … I guess the same goes with your tummy when those extra few pounds hanging over your tummy … Um … it sure doesn’t looks good ,does it?
3.       I don’t like to exercise …
Well … I can’t … I don’t have time or whatever excuses that we can come up. I say … Bring out those spinach and ask Popeye to lift you up and spin you couple times or just do it!

What are your secret recipes for keeping your desired weight? Love to hear from ya ….

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  1. Great post! You write captivatinglly well.

    1. Thank you Sal for your kind words.