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Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine …

It has been years that Valentine day has played an important role for all of the love birds in the world. Greeting cards, chocolates, and flowers are being exchanged each second on this very special day. For the longest time, I thought this day was a hype by the greeting card makers as just another way to gain more consumers.

Little did I know that Valentine day was originated way back since Roman times. There are numerous theories that sparked the celebration of Valentine day. Some say St. Valentine refused to obey the law where young men were prohibited from getting married; he continued to perform the sacrament of wedding regardless. Another source was saying that he was killed while attempted to free Christians from harsh prison life.  Last which seemed to be the legend, suggested that St. Valentine wrote his love letter to a young lady – who may have been his jailor’s daughter and signed “From your Valentine.” Interesting.

My Valentine never fails me for as long as I could remember. Roses always magically appear on my dining table each year and a nice fine dining is waiting for me each time. Yes! Tonight shall be the night. I met my Valentine when I was twelve … wait! That is not what I want to write about … sorry guys I seem to lose track. I want to dedicate this blog to someone that I barely know personally but his story stuck in my heart …

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This very someone told me that he met his wife when he was younger and he knew that she was the one that he was going to marry. He wanted (wants) to spend the rest of his life with her. Beautiful … Knowing that, while the daughter was away in a trip, his future-mother-in-law then invited him over for a dinner. This mother said this to him, “I want you to know that my daughter has an illness ever since she was eighteen years old and that someday she may not be able to bring food on the table and able to take good care of you.” –Not in exact words but something alike. And she added on, “I want to make sure that you would be there for her when she is no longer able to take care of herself. But, if you want to walk out now, I won’t hold it against you.” Guess what his answer was? – I was so touched and I found my eyes were teary!

He said to this mother that he knew it all along that the daughter had this illness but he wanted to be with her regardless. And he would be there for her no matter what it takes. Even until today, after a couple decades, this very same man has devoted his life and soul to his wife and their love never shattered. Wow! I thought to myself! This definitely outweighs all of those flowers, chocolates and greeting cards.

I hereby dedicated this blog to this loving couple and may their love last forever and knowing how lucky both of them to have each other. Happy Valentine to all of you and May your love last a lifetime!

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  1. So romantic. That kind of strength and love is tough to come by these days. That's such an appropriate valentine's story. These two have found something that, sadly, most people these days will never find.