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Monday, February 27, 2012

Interracial Marriages …

Not sure why articles about interracial marriages have been popping here and there. I never really thought about this in the past. I guess the ratio has increased, according CBS News. It has hit all time high, which is 1 in 12 news marriages in the US are interracial. 

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I know quite a lot of couples who married out of their racial circles. This is quite common if you are living in California where a lot of different people originated from different part of the worlds are somehow find their spots here. And ultimately interracial marriages naturally would happen.

I for one think that interracial marriages are for better. Why? Let’s examine few races or ethnicities and their strength. I often find Caucasians are very creative and outspoken. Asians on the other hand are known for focusing on academic and considerable hard working. For the Africans, they are gifted in athletic and music. Hispanics are known for their fiesta time, know how to enjoy life. For the sake of argument, let’s just focus on these 4 races.  Also, when I called out what I notice on their strengths doesn’t mean they don’t have what other races have. They do, but I just wanted to call out what are their most notably strengths. – No arguments okay? :-)

Can you imagine the next generation? OMG., a next generation that would be very academic oriented, but yet creative enough to change the world andcan represent themselves very well publicly as well as gifted in both athletic and music. And know how to relax and have their fiesta time. Wow … Not to mention that racism would probably be a history!

Didn’t I say that our journeys are getting more interesting each time? In the past, marrying out of racial is just a taboo (in fact it was illegal before it became taboo,) and now it is just another marriage. – Fascinating!

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  1. yeah,the world is rylli changing,i for 1 dont believe in race,all humans ar d same 2 me....nice work

  2. The ages-old custom of picking a mate who more or less "looks like you" is almost certainly an artefact of convenience (in the old days, you were born in your village, met your friends and future spouse there, had your kids who then remained in that same village for their life spans, and died in it - you seldom encountered many "others") as well as a survival instinct. If you read the works of, e.g., Richard Dawkins, we much more easily "trust" someone who reflects our image of ourselves.

    Tribalism is probably almost as old as the existence of tribes.

    Of course, Fr. Mendel and Charles Darwin came along much later, and for many reasons, finding a mate who is genetically different from you provides inoculation of a sort against a variety of genetic defects (the root of the taboos against marrying your sister) - Tay-Sachs, sickle cell disease, haemophilia - are all strongly related with homogeneity in the gene pool.

    One thing though, I tend not to think of the "strengths" of the various races too finely. For one, the idea of 'race' itself is somewhat an abstract and poorly-defined concept. "Hispanic" is a language group, really, for example. And our strengths (and weaknesses) are somewhat our own. The idea of group strengths is difficult to translate to individuals. Barack Obama is a terrible singer, for example (check out his recent warbling on YouTube); Jeremy Lin has shown to be a pretty good basketball player.

    There is some utility in the grouping of people, but one needs to guard against how these can easily morph into policies that harm.

    If you're interested, there is a physics professor named Stephen Hsu (from University of Oregon) who writes about many topics, but empirical performance of groups is one he frequently discusses, and he is a very good writer, not to mention a sharp guy.


    I read his blog from time to time. Where else will you get the musings on Jeremy Lin AND read about the views on neurology by mathematician and early computer scientist Alan Turing?

    I think that the trends of inter-marriage will help move us away from the classical "racist" model; I hope that they will in any case.

    But humanity will almost surely find some other reason to discriminate against a created other. Sadly, I think it's in our nature towards violence.

  3. Thank you for the comment. (Btw., I always look forward for your comment :-) )I will definitely check out Prof. Hsu's blog. I also agree with you on "But humanity will almost surely find some other reason to discriminate against a created other. Sadly, I think it's in our nature towards violence."