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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Story time …

Who doesn’t like story time? I remember my dad used to retell the story that he read in the newspaper to my mom. I sometimes, stuck around and eaves dropped their conversation. It gave me warm and fuzzy feeling. –Yes, my father was very attentive, sweet, thoughtful and unselfish person and my mom is such a lucky woman.

Our household started the custom of story time ever since Pepper was one day old. Yes, one day old. I loved reading her story and she seemed to be contented. Even now, my twelve year old still ask for story time.

I also used story time as a tool to expose both girls to some books that they were not interested in. I remembered reading Little House in the Prairie series for Pepper, and she loved it. Speaking of books, both girls definitely have different taste. My pepper likes to read books about dragons, and adventures that have human as the main character. My younger one on the other hand, loves reading animal characters based books, you know cat and such.  – have you visited her blog yet? If you do, you would know what I mean.
Every time I wanted her to start a new series, I always use story time to get her excited … get her passionate –yes, it works! Story time also means cuddling times for mother and daughters.Actually it is more than that ... It is a way to pacify her anger when she  was upset. It is a way to soothe her when she was not herself.

The nice thing about story time is it can work both ways. At times, when I was too tired to give story times, my younger one will read me the story instead. I literally fell asleep. No wonder kids love story time even moms do. We both like Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz. Sometimes we couldn’t even put down the books as each page contains such an adventure. – We have finished the series and now reading it second times.

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My girls’ 2nd grade teacher (yes, they managed to have the same 2nd grade teacher,) told us that it is good to have story times regardless of age as long as the girls thrive for them.

Hope we would continue to set aside sometimes in our journeys for story times whether they are for your kids or for yourself. – I guess reading is yet another form of story time.

What books do you and your child like to read during story time?

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  1. Story time (at wake-up and bed-time) is a part of our six year old's routine. If he wakes late and I am already at work, he will complain severely.

    He *really* enjoys the books you shared with us, by the way. Roald Dahl in particular.

  2. That is a great idea! Wake-up's time, I will try as well ...maybe to inspire them to wake up a bit earlier :-)
    I can imagine his cute face while complaining for missing the story time in the morning :-)