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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love will find its way regardless of age …

Did I tell you how much I enjoy the toastmaster club? I am there to stay! ( If you haven’t figured out yet.) People are so encouraging and every word and every action they present is full of positive energy. Luv it!

Speaking of which, I heard these very words, “'… about love … we can grow it together.'” Beautiful! That was what the lady in her 70's told us about in an elegant, lilting voice when she gave her ‘ice breaker’ speech.  By the way, she won the best speaker of the house award. Well deserved!

She gave an about 10 min. long speech, but what caught my attention was how she and her husband got married. After a month into their relationship, her husband proposed and said simply, “I may not be the richest man but I have enough money in my pension to last for both of our lifetimes.” Then he went on to say, “About love … we can grow it together.” Isn’t that wonderful?

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I guess love will find its way regardless of age and this couple have proven just that.

Enjoying my journey... With every step I take, I encounter more and more memorable events that I just can’t stop writing about. I hope your experiences are as bountiful as mine.

What memorable event(s) have you encountered recently? I love to hear from ya ... 

Until next stop,
Journey of Life

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