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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Those spammers in Twitter …

I have been twitting for couple months now and mainly for fun. I have couple people I know that we mutually followed each others. The rest are couple new folks that I am glad to be followed and following them. But, what I am most annoyed are the fact that some spammers are following me with their status being, should I say … ‘not appropriate,” rated ‘R' that is.

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Fine. I didn’t care so much before as I simply blocked them off and sometimes just ignored them. But that has changed over the weekend as I have encouraged Pepper to twit for a good reason. I will soon reveal what she is up to when she has her website fully setup.  Surprisingly … she was followed by couple of social medias already. I can understand why … But, what I am most disturbed is those spammers started to follow her and I had to go into her account and blocked them off. I literally wasn't prepared to expose her to those spam just yet. She is too young! In less than 48 hours, she was followed by 6 rated 'R' spammers and counting!

I am not sure how to deal with this methodically other than monitoring her account constantly. I must say it was not what I had in mind. Oh … well! Part of being in the digital world I guess!--Note, I am well aware of the twitter feature on private twitting and I want something in between.

I was wondering if I am the only one who care about this … Am I over paranoid?

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  1. A few comments.

    First, you're not the only one who cares about this, and you're not being paranoid. I'm 42 years old (equal in years to three 14 year olds), and I find it gross that these sort of people troll the web like bacteria floating around in the air. It's a sad commentary on our culture that there are sleaze merchants (and I think most of these accounts are set up to try to lure you to pornographic material to drive up their "number of eyeballs" metrics for commercial gain) proliferate.

    Unfortunately, when you open your front door and venture out into the world, well, there's seven billion people out there, and some of them are not the sort you'd want over for supper. The same is true of information. Some is beneficial, some is pure rubbish.

    Next, I would not be too worried. Your fourteen year old has been to junior high, and in all fankness, I would be surprised if she is going to encounter anything that is much worse than the sort of thing that has not been seen already. The images may be somewhat more graphic, but it probably would not be terrifically eye-opening.

    Third, with Twitter (I think) you won't get to the truly offensive material unless you "follow" the person who gloms onto you. You're doing the right thing to just block these parasites the minute they attach.

    Fourth, I know you are involved in your kids' lives, and have instilled the right sets of values; as a parent, that's about all you really can do. Ultimately, they have to decide what they will or will not click on. I doubt your girls are at all interested in this garbage, and will not be lured to it.

    We want to shield our children (my son is six), and for a little while, we can. But they eventually go to school. They make friends, some of whom have older brothers and sisters. They read books. Their eyes will open. There is no keeping the djinn in the bottle forever. We just provide them the tools to deal with it once it escapes.

    1. Thanks for the comment. At least I don't feel like I am out there alone fighting for those parasites. I like your perspective on your fourth comments. I can't shield them forever but like you said We have done what we can as a parent by establishing the right set of values and now ultimately it is their choices as of what path they need to take.