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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The world is mourning over the death of a talented singer

Sigh! First Michael Jackson and now Whitney Houston. Such an incredible singer that was blessed with an incredible talent … I wonder what was on her mind in the last moment of her life … Was she regretted the fact that she was once trapped in the drug world?  Was this song happened to cross her mind?

A lot of us were her fans and still are. Her voice soared through those high pitch notes and captured many of our hearts.  "One Moment in Time" and "I will always love you" (-- the best single selling by a female artist in the music history) are my favorites songs. Beautiful! -- is just not enough to describe her voice but ...

Her death reminds me that, “Life is short and we only live once,” so choose wisely how we live. Despite how Whitney’s personal struggle with the drugs, she, in my opinion, had lived quite a full life. Her achievement was definitely one of the world's record. She had shaken the world with her voice. She had inspired many people with the same voice.

Even though, she would not be able to sound her voice any longer, her voice will live through her songs.
Rest in Peace, Whitney! For the rest of us… here is one of Whitney’s song that I think we can take away.

Until next stop,
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