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Monday, February 6, 2012

The saddest goodbye ever …

I recently joined a toastmaster group, which I have attended three times before deciding to join as a regular member. It is a fun group to be with where everyone gathered up to share.  What we share here is our voices.

Instead of attending public speaking class, this group gives an individual opportunities to speak in front of the team members. Each speaker will be evaluated by all of the team members as well as an official member assigned with the role of 'evaluator' to give them the utmost feedback noting their strength and constructive feedback. The whole feedback was delivered in a positive manner.

Last Wednesday, I heard the most heart moving speech ever. It was delivered beautifully by a lady who had lost her husband when her son was eight. The whole speech was about the last moment of her husband’s life and how her son learned to accept and said his last goodbye. She captured the whole audiences including myself. I felt as if I were there and my heart was sadden as it opened up my old wound. I sighted several ladies were in tears.

Is there any goodbye out there that is a happy event? I doubt it. Though, we know if we say 'bye' when we part in the morning or at the end of the work day that we would see each other again. Some goodbye, though, are meant to be forever. Death is definitely one of those. Knowing that someone that we treasure is no longer there for us when we miss/need them. Sigh! Even we so wanting to be with them.

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I learned this feeling when I just turned nineteen, where my father left me, left my mom and siblings for good. The saddest part was I never got to say goodbye to him. I just arrived here at the States and my mom thought it would the best for me to stay here instead of rushing back home and sent him off.  It works out for the best, I think. I somehow still feel that he still alive, inside my heart, that is. He is there when I miss him and he is always there when I need him. I just can’t see him in person. Though, in my dreams he is pretty much alive and with me.

As I finished typing this blog, I received an email from an ex-coworker that one of our coworkers has passed away. Another sad goodbye is awaiting for me ... sigh!

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