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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Giving in doesn’t mean we are wrong …

The other day my twelve years old, BabyBoo, was pretty upset and told me that she had an argument with her sister but she had to give in first.

My younger one is a very kind soul. She never holds anything against anyone. She will instantly forgive you even if you have hurt her feeling especially to her sister. She loves her sister more than one could imagine. I am very thankful that they have such an incredible relationship and I won’t trade for anything.

I told her that just the fact that she has given in didn’t mean that she was wrong. Giving in didn’t mean that she had admitted that she was wrong in the first place. It just meant that her love to her sister is strong enough to overcome those little things in life that ain’t worth to dwell on.

Many of us have a hard time giving in after having an argument or disagreement simply thinking it was not our mistakes … why should we? 

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One of the things that I love about my hubby is his ability to give in. He always gives in to me and yes, after all of those years and he still is. I am thankful and just realized how lucky I am until I saw how painful it was for my girl to give in. It is not an easy task to be selfless and submit to others while our mind still clouded with the last disagreement that we had.

Giving in or not … it is our choice but one thing to keep in mind. By giving in, we have just gestured to our loved ones, our close friends that we have our differences but we are willing and care enough to work them out so here we are!

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  1. Interesting.

    Perhaps the only thing tougher than giving in when we think we are right is fighting to the bitter end when we suspect we are wrong.

    It's tough at times to know which situation we actually are in, and sometimes, it's only possible after the fact.

    Much after it.