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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Legend of second button from a uniform …

The legend started in the World War II where young Japanese soldiers would give their second buttons from their uniforms to their loved one for keepsakes. This custom is being practiced as we speak in Japan still. Most boys when they graduated from middle or high school have their 2nd button from their uniforms spoken for. In the case where more than one girls would ask for it, then he would give the 2nd button to the girl that he likes the most and the rest of the buttons to the others girls. I found this custom captivating and interesting at the same time.

I came to learn about this custom from a Korean drama that I am watching and found the above fascinating fact from the internet. Why don't we have something interesting like that? or do we?

Why second button? You asked. Well … think about its location. It is located close to one's heart. Get it now?!
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I hope you enjoy this silly but interesting post. Happy Friday!

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