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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A cosmetic line for 8 – 14, or so called, the ‘tween?’

You got to be kidding me? A cosmetic line for 8 to 14 years old… wow… I am dumfounded.

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Okay. Let’s set thing straight. I understand occasionally they do need makeover for a good reason. For those who perform on the stage or those young actresses.  That is understandable, but regular school kids?

I was reading this article from the New York Times that mentioned,’ Kimara Ahnert’s makeup and skin care studio on Madison Avenue, NY that is, says “A sixth grader, Sloane is part of an emerging demographic: the tween beauty sophisticate who might go to a salon for updos, facials or waxing. Ms. Ahnert, for one, said she has regular 12-year-old clients who have their makeup done before going out to a dinner or to a bat mitzvah.”’

The article went on saying that a few of cosmetic lines were created for the tween, and has to be affordable because they are on budget. What?! They think those so called tween have money to buy cosmetics at all? Who do you think mostly would pay for them? -- Don't expect me lining up in the mall for these! At least I still have few years to go, I hope ...

I am not sure about many of you ladies out there, how old were you when you started to apply your makeup regularly. I am probably not a good example as I didn’t start until when I was in college. I didn’t think there was a need me to apply makeup as I felt I was fine the way I was. 

Tween is the year where they supposed to enjoy their time still as a kid. The time where they can spend on playing hide and seek, reading, chit-chatting with their close friends, and definitely not ‘makeup.’

You tell me, if I am over reacted on this? I love to hear from ya …

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