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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Little Things in Life ...

The other night, my girl wanted an omelet  and no one seemed to be available to cook for her. Then she got up and decided to head to kitchen and wanted to cook one for herself. I was a bit worry since she never cooks except in her cooking class, so I looked at my hubby. He said, “I wish I could, but I am really tired.” I nodded signifying that I understood how he felt, then I tried to convince my girl to wink it out and eat something practical –like cereal or something. She insisted then I went to the kitchen with her, reluctantly but said, “Okay, mommy would do it.”

I couldn’t stand looking at my girl cooking by herself, even I haven’t been cooking for 16 years, I have decided to do it. Then unexpectedly, my hubby got up and walked into the kitchen and told me that he would do it. – I was stunned and wondered, “Is that how love supposed to be?”  Regardless how I felt about cooking, I would have done it for my girl. Regardless how tired my hubby was, he did it for me simply he knows that I don’t enjoy cooking.  

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Sometimes we look for big signs or big gifts to signify how love supposed to be. And sometimes we take those little gestures that our love ones do for us for granted and often overlooked. If we pause for a moment to look at and feel the sincerity of those little gestures and only then we could sense how those little things that matter. And if we take a moment to enjoy the little things in life, we would realize that they make our life truly fulfilled!

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 Hope you enjoy this stop visiting the little things in life!

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  1. my husband has hugged me a lot latelly as I can fall into his arms blubbering after issues with my mom, and he's given me some nice massages . Thank goodness they see when we need help.

    1. Sandra, that is very sweet! I am so happy that you are with your true love!

  2. Very true. Little happy moments and shows of affection matter most it life. I have many moments like this and they play a big role when I am alone to keep my spirits up. I will recollect and write up about these things sometime.

    1. Sounds like a good plan. Can't wait to read up your writing soon.