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Friday, March 9, 2012

Till death do us apart or not …

(To commemorate my 100th post today, I am hoping this blog would give us lasting impression on how to live our lives to the fullest)

Each of us has come to know Till death do us apart phrase one way or another. I would say this is the ultimate promise that most loving couples wish to keep. Perhaps some people wish to die first before another since it is unbearable to face the death of the loved ones.

I am not sure what is going thru your mind when you read or analyze the phrase. I came across an article describing a couple in their nineties experiencing death itself. The article took us to the last moment of this couple’s lives. Both Clee and Elizabeth Washington were a loving couple. They both were inseparable where one in the kitchen the other would be right beside helping out. If Clee was in the garden, one would be certain that Elizabeth would be somewhere nearby.

When Clee was hospitalized, Elizabeth would visit him daily. One day on her way to see Chlee, her son lost control of the car and hit a tree. There Elizabeth took her last breath and her wish of dying before her husband had come thru. – Elizabeth mentioned to her daughter that she had wished to die first before her husband.

When it rain it pours that was how the family felt, within 30 minutes of Elizabeth’s death the family received the news that Clee had left the world as well. Clee’s death was inevitably since his health was failing according to the article.

When I read this article, my heart is touched, to me as a reader this is a beautiful and touchy story. –Though I recognized it is hard for the family who was left behind. This couple lived together inseparable and now they are together again in heaven. Just like what one of their granddaughters had said, “A couple made in heaven.” Beautiful!

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This thought came to mind when I was reading the story, I dunno where my journey of life will end whether it will be the same moment with my loved ones or not. But like I said in previous blog, Growing together or apart, The very reason we fell for (will fall for) that very someone in our lives has a lot to do with time. The more time we spend together, the feeling inside us will grow significantly stronger. Whether or not we will face a separation with our loved ones due to death but at the very least we know that we have shared many fond memories together and that will last us lifetime.

Hope you enjoy this beautiful story and have a happy Friday!

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