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Thursday, March 8, 2012

How much are we worth?

In the movie that I am recently watching, a king asked the potential candidates for his future daughter-in-law this very question, how much he was worth. One wise girl answered, “One coin. “ The King was surprised since the rest of the girls’ answers would amount to pretty much an unlimited value. Even one of the girls managed to answer, “As high as the mountain and as deep as the ocean." So, this wise girl explained further, “Nothing is as precious as a single coin to the cold and the hungry. A man of riches knows not the value of a single coin. But a man who has nothing knows its value all too well.  To the common man, Your Majesty is the much needed and valued coin. Please rule over your people with a just and impartial hand. “– Needless to say this girl made it to the selection.

How much am I worth? I never ask that question before nor have I thought about it. I don’t think I know the answer either. I don’t suppose someone would ask that very question to me nowadays.

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However, if you think about this carefully, all the things that we have done somewhat indicating how much we want to be worth in others’ life? Somehow others people’s opinion indirectly indicating how much we are worth. Even though how much we are worth can’t be amounted to any figure but it carries much higher value. It determines how we placed in someone’s heart, someone’s life.

It is easier to interpret this in the working world, especially when come to review time. We know exactly how much we are worth at those moments. We put a price tag to what we have done. Our performances translate to certain ratings which then quantity to how much we are worth… how much raise we should get… how much bonus we would get.

I suppose we humans do care what others think of us even though occasionally I heard the phrase ‘don’t mind what others think of you.’ After all, we are living in this world that requires us to interact, requires us to fit in, and requires us to be part of the circle.

Until next stop, be thinking about how much are you worth!

Until next stop,
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