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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Pooh family …

When the girls were little, they used to like Winnie the Pooh shows. Now, come to think about of it, it was me who liked it so much. I had their rooms decorated with Winnie the Pooh borders, and their crib filled with Pooh decorations. So, naturally they grew to like it.

We liked it to the point that we had literally transformed the characters to each one of us in the family. So, my fourteen year old is the “Tigger” – she is always the one with high spirit, can't stay still (speaking of which … her piano teacher told me repeatedly in the past that she couldn’t teach her due to the fact that she couldn’t sit still for even 5 min :-) ) We had piglet, you guessed it! – My twelve year old, is so cuddly and cute just like a piglet. What else, right! The Pooh bear … my good old hubby got the character all right – This was how my twelve year old described her dad (despite how her dad graduated with honors, always ranks the top 5% regardless which company he works for,) “he is always slow in following our conversation. “ – She called him, ‘the slow thinker.’ :=) (Language is not his forte and that how Pooh character is)

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Now I never assigned one for myself since I didn't think there was any character that match me perfectly… btw. We have ‘eeyore,’ at our household as well but it was definitely not me! I would think that I was more like the mama kangaroo but no … the girls had to assign me to *that* character. Totally disagreed!

Recently I have been not having enough sleep for at least 5 weeks now. For various reasons, I always ended up sleeping late and waking up early. My whole schedule got screwed up, not to mention that I am actually falling sick and all kinds of pimples popping up in my face. Now, the most important thing is I wasn’t myself at all. I am what you call *grumpy* -- there, I said it! (I kind of feeling guilty as I have to admit it, toward the end of the day, my patient ran low and I was quite cranky!)

Looking back at the character that the girls assigned me … I have to admit it … I am more like ‘rabbit,’ now :-) –Desperately working to get back to my old self …Sleeping earlier and get up early still!

Are you a character based family? Tell me!

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  1. I'd suggest Christopher Robin - the character whose job it is to maintain sanity in the Hundred Acre Wood.

  2. Brilliant idea! This is indeed thinking outside the box. Somehow when looking at the character for myself I always thought it had to be a female. I luv it! Christopher Robin, it is!