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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Knowledge Tree

The other night, Pepper, was saying that she had a lot of homework. Then she paused and looked at me and said, “Mommy, I see that you have a lot of free time lately.” Before I could answer it, she went on, “Ah … you are enjoying the fruits now.” I smiled and said, “Wow! You still remembered what mommy said to you years ago?”

Yes. Yes. I recalled. I love using analogies when come to teach my kids about life lessons and values that I believe in. When they were little, they often questioned me on why do they need to go to school. Really, why should they?

As I looked outside at our orange tree, I began my preaching, "It is like planting a fruit tree, an orange tree..."

First, you plant the seed ...
We feed the soil with nutrient and water, hoping someday the seed will turn into a beautiful tree and perhaps someday would bear fruits that we can enjoy for a lifetime.Just like the seed, we go to Kindergarten to learn hoping someday all of the knowledge that we have acquired could bring us fruits that we can enjoy through our lives.

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The seed begins to sprout ...
With time and much time, the seed begins to sprout and as it sprouts, our knowledge grows. While the sprout is taking its own time to grow some more, we need to take our time to grow our knowledge as well. That is why it is important that we attend the elementary school.

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The sprout has turned into a small tree...
As you can see the weak branches and fresh green leaves have rooted from the sprout though not strong enough and ready to have oranges yet. Even though we feel that we have learned a lot through Kindergarten and Elementary years, we still need to go to middle school, so our knowledge can have stronger branches and more leaves as well.