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Friday, December 9, 2011

Growing together or apart …

Yesterday in my blog, I talked about how we don’t have ‘undo’ button in our lives, so we may want to choose wisely how we spend our time with our loved ones.

The destiny bell has rung and will ring depending where we are in our lives. Most of us have met our destined partners in life. If not, the time will come. I can’t promise the glorious event as such in the movie where you and your destiny will bump into each other unexpectedly and woala a deep imprint will mark the beginning of everything. Regardless how we met (will meet) our destiny, treasure it!

Time, again, is everything. It is ultimately the answer. Human is quite strange in some ways. The very reason we fell for (will fall for) that very someone in our lives has a lot to do with time. The more time we spend together, the feeling inside us will grow significantly stronger. The less time … well …

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I realize that I am stating the obvious; however, the obvious is often overlooked. Before we know it, things are a bit too late to repair. Sometimes relationships that are cracked impossible to repair … sometimes things can be as new as before … sometimes we merely doing the patching.

We, as a society, often blame the third wheel that comes along in our lives for breaking our relationship apart. Save our finger pointing. There will never be the third wheel if our relationships are not shattered to begin with.I realized that there are exceptions to this saying.

Let’s pause and think about the consequence of our choices. Growing together or apart … your choice! Life is a journey and inevitably we may encounter many adventures, some are desired and some are not. That is what makes life such an interesting journey. As we aged, the line of wisdom are shown in our foreheads reminding us how many adventures we have, hopefully many exciting ones.

Hope you you enjoy visiting the subject of "Growing together or apart." with me. As Karen Clodfelder once said, "As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change. . . I will always keep falling in love with you." 

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  1. Interesting. Though I disagree with the idea of "fate" or "destiny" (I do not believe our lives are spelt out like instructions being fed into some sort of cosmic Turing machine - we make choices, some large and some small, and those choices rather than forces beyond our control result in the life we wind up with), your proposition still stands quite well.

    There is a couple of forces at play in what you describe - one endogenous and the other exogenous.

    In the case of "growing apart," the force is inherent in our relationships. Whether with friends, children, or spouses, these relationships obviously take work to maintain, and we neglect them at our peril. It's all too easy as we triage the challenges of daily life to take for granted that our partner or friend will "be there" and "understand" if we let our grip on the tether weaken, however slightly. Sometimes, this is impossible not to do. As you say, though, priorities, priorities, priorities. Pay attention to those you care about; take the time to acknowledge them and what they mean to your life.

    You can get another job.

    As to the "third wheel," (the exogenous variable, if you will), you're also right - that person or temptation cannot "get in" unless you let them. Put simply, the Devil cannot make you do something you're unwilling to do of your own choice.

    One small caveat, though. Once an event, no matter how small, intervenes, the situation cannot ever be "just like it was before." A patched-together broken dish, no matter how skilfully repaired, is still a fixed dish. It's a lesson we are (trying) to teach our son - it's possible to "fix" something you've broken, but it is always better to take care not to break it in the first place.

    Forgiveness is not forgetting.

    Happy Friday.

  2. Totally agree with you on both counts, "Once an event, no matter how small, intervenes, the situation cannot ever be "just like it was before.
    " and "Forgiveness is not forgetting."