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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bud of romance ...

A friend of mine made a special request for me to write a blog about "where love begins ..." I scratched my head, thinking where do I begin? :-) When does love begin?  And the search was on for the answer, past the thorn thickets, the malicious dragon with breath of flame, into the stone castle, and finally to the spark of true love. It is quite magical, just like in Sleeping Beauty. After all my research, here I am trying to write away my thoughts…

Okay, let me tell you this: It has nothing to do with cupids! The whole myth of arching love arrows shooting through the air and love at first sight isn't exactly the way it works. In fact, I think I am going to like my analogy on this :-) Love and food are somewhat similar.Yay! (I mean, who doesn't like food?)

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If you are a food lover, it all starts with the looks, smells, and then the tastes. Yes? The presentation has to be good, and then it has to smell enticing to us (it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t smell scrumptious to the world, as long as it smells perfect to us!) Finally, when we put it in our mouth, it has to taste good (again, it won’t matter if it tastes horrible to our neighbors or friends … as long as it tastes good to us.)

Ah … You think love is so much different? Think again! According to scientists, it all begins with the looks, yes! You spot him from far away, and he looks just perfect. Wait-- how about the smells?  Yes! He has to smell right to us . For us women, we carry certain odors during our menstrual cycles, and men have certain smells that attract us.

Now, let's just say that both the looks and the smells are just right … -Hmm I can feel the love brewing in the air already! Time to taste it! How? Yes .. yes you got it! The kiss! “When you kiss, a cluster of genes called MHC are exchanged in the mouth through saliva. That kiss could potentially determine whether a couple's genes are compatible enough to produce a healthy offspring.” –according to Jeffrey Kluger, the science editor at Time magazine.

Just like the new food lovers that have finally found their new love (food, obviously). Our love has blossomed as well, the buds of romance...

Happy Friday, folks or should I say happy loving?

Until next stop,
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