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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Expression …

Often times, when we hear the word expression we think about our facial expression. It is indeed our most basic type of expression. According to, facial expression, “ is an ability latent within us all—never lost, merely forgotten. No government security program, nor any computer network ever likely to be conceived, could possibly match the effectiveness of millions of ordinary people simply making conversation and looking one another in the face.”

Aside from facial expression, we are often making use of our body language. With a certain move … a certain twist … a certain turn, we have indeed communicated our intents … our inner thoughts … our expressions. Yet, a lot of times our eyes give us away when we are speaking something less than the truth. Our eyes are perhaps the most powerful non-verbal signal that we exchange with others. Nevertheless, It is interesting to know that, within our body, we have many ways of expressing ourselves. And words are yet another important way of our expressions.

We women like to convey our minds, and our feelings through words. We use words to connect ourselves emotionally. Some of us like to put those words in writing. Through our writings, we indeed speak our minds, our worries, our feelings, our messages, our experiences and our inner thoughts that we would like others to know. I didn’t realize that writing is yet another form of expression. Some of you may remember that I started writing to encourage my daughter to pursue her dream as a writer. Little did I know, blogging is my way of expressing myself. –In fact my preferred way.

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There are more ways yet to be discovered; the ways that the dancers express themselves, sending messages of their inner feelings through their movements, the way the sculptors express their inner emotions through their creations, the way that Picasso drew his paintings, sending his inner thoughts through each of his strokes to many future generations.

Choosing the most effective way to express ourselves can send a very powerful message to others. It is also worth noting that understanding how we express ourselves and how others express themselves would bring us closer together. Now the question is how are you expressing yourself?

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