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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My girls' best friend ...

I remember when I was about 9 months pregnant with my 2nd one, my older one then was about 2 years old. She was telling us that her baby sister should sleep outside. She was not welcomed in the house :-) As you could imagine, the sibling rivalry started very early in their lives --which is quite common among sibling by the way.

Needless to say, both girls fought a lot in their early years. Between bickering, pushing each other, and chasing across the rooms. And yes even tattletale which none of them seemed to like but they did it anyway.

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I don’t know much about friendship between sisters, despite I have two. They are few years younger than me so I don’t get to be their friends, though they are both best friends. I was more like their big sister. Responsible for taking care of them since my young age. My brother is about 1.5 year older than me and we are friend alright! We fought a lot! But then we made up fast and before we knew it, we were sitting outside our front yard looking at our papaya trees and chatting away. There were two of them. –Just perfect for us!

I love being friend with boys, they are so easy going. In fact to date, I like hanging out with male friends. We don’t gossip but we talk nonsense :-) about career, work, politics, life , money, and the best of all about the ‘Mrs.’Men like to talk about their wives. (I get to walk away with many tips on how to handle men :-) And sometimes I tune out when they start talking about sport.  – Me and sport … well we don’t connect!

It has been years now, the girls are best friends ever. They like to chat, telling each other the secrets that they don’t want us to know. They miss each other when one is not around. Everywhere we go, they stick to each other. Both girls in some ways still like little kids – they play pretend game and they have created a story with many made up characters and it never ends. In fact it has been years and it still going.

I remember saying this to the girls in the past, “Having friends are great but having your sister as your best friend is the best. That kind of friendship would last a lifetime.“ Somehow that statement went right into their heart or whatever the reasons may be, they are both inseparable.  – I am not saying they don’t argue or get mad at each other … after all they are siblings :-) Siblings that fight, love and stick up for each other.

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