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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sweet aroma ...

Looks like blog of “Attractiveness” has its own mind. Start with First Impression –What Makes You Attractive.” Next Beyond First Impression… what makes you stand out. Then Louis Vuitton anyone (Brand Name/The way wedress matter.) And today, I would like to touch on “Fragrance.”

It was said that the first perfume was incense. Incense was used in many different cultures for thousands of years. According to, the words perfume was derived from Latin words of “Per” and “fumus,” which mean “through” and “smoke.” We, human, celebrate the religious ceremony by burning these incenses. Incense still exists even today in the Eastern cultures.

Perfume, which origin from Egypt, was first developed to “attract the goodwill of gods.” The Egyptians believed that gods would approve them if they smelled good. They even buried with perfumes when they died not to mention using perfume for mummifying. According to, “The more perfume they used, and the stronger the perfume, the more likelihood they’d have of going to heaven.”Through its own evolution, perfume has reached you and I and its meaning has evolved.

We are attracted to anything that smells good. We often associate aroma that smells good with attractiveness. Before our mind conclude that a food tastes good, we often attracted by its look and its aroma. With living creatures, it is a little more, our looks, our movements, and then our aromas.  

Imagine this, she has a great figure, her movement is killing, she dresses attractively, but then something doesn’t smell right. Would she be attractive? I doubt it. Immediately her attractiveness has taken its toll.

Holiday is around the corner, come to think about it, perfume may not be a bad idea at all for a present after all. :-) Let’s spray that smell good perfume in our journeys and perhaps our journeys will be as sweet as our scents. Maybe then, our journeys would be as attractive as us.

Until next stop,
Journey of Life 

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