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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thank you Miss ...

Last night, I found myself smiling when the Starbuck's cashier addressed me with “Miss.” I was wondering why I smiled, was it the fact that I was addressed as “Miss,” or the interpretation of the honorific, Miss, that usually addressed to younger women?

Couple years ago in my high school’s mailing list, one of my friends mentioned that he was afraid of getting old. I responded to his posting describing my encountered with an older lady on my cruise to Mexico. This older lady, I would say, around the age of 70-ish. She might look like 70-ish but she sure didn’t feel like one, at least appeared not to be. We were on a snorkeling trip to one of the island in Mexico and it was the fiesta time. The music was booming and guess what? This older lady was up there rocking with the younger folks. Her husband, watching from the sidelines, couldn't help it but laughing.

Growing old is inevitably, but we don’t have to feel old.  More importantly, take care of our bodies so we can grow old gracefully and enjoying the last bit of our lives not worrying about our health. Growing old comes with wisdom that we are lack of when we are much younger. But it doesn’t mean that we need to take away our joyous feeling of adventure.

Let’s pause on this journey to take care of our healths so we can spend much longer time with our next generation and yet, still enjoying our youthfulness in our hearts.

Until next stop,
Journey of Life

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