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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Music ...

Recently I decided to join the musical choir in our business unit to perform at our Holiday gathering. I was just looking for something fresh and fun to do to contrast with my routine at work. Little did I know it was so much fun that I have found myself moving joyously to the rhythm of the music. My mood was brightened and I was smiling and laughing especially when “Rudolf," and “Jingle Bell” songs were up. Then, my former, happy and carefree self seemed to resurface.

Music is indeed mystical. Do you know that music therapy has been around ever since? It has done its wonder of touching people's lives.  In fact, there is this true story mentioned in the on how music has changed an autism boy's life for better  For those who are not familiar with autism,  People with autism have limited verbal expression. In another word that was described in, “They live the life of involuntary silence.”

With music therapy, this boy has fine-tuned his gross and fine motor skill. Through a small group, he has learned to take turn, learned to be a leader as well as a supportive member. Music therapy has enabled him to read music notes and feel the rhythm.

As I mentioned earlier, verbal communication is a challenge for the Autism. But with music therapy,  he had learned how to communicate in a very non-threatening ways. He learned to participate in asking questions and answering them. Not to mention learning to display behavior in a way that socially acceptable.

Music therapy has given him the confidence to serve as a drummer in his school. In fact, he has performed in front of large and noisy audiences at the House of Blues. Isn't that Impressive? Kudos to him and his music therapist!

How many of us out there have found ourselves listening to music whether we are happy, sad, depressed, frustrated or even in a celebration mood. Music somehow can soothe our down feeling and bring up our moods where we are not in ones.

Jazz up that music in your lives! I hope your journeys will be sprinkled with music here and there. I know it will be on mine as it has always been.

Until next stop,
Journey of Life

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