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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

you are good .. you are bad ...

A friend mine gave me a feedback the other day on the format of my blogs where he said that I should hit [Enter] more generously. I took his feedback close to heart and went back and updated all of my blogs. It was such a great feedback, I thought to myself and it may benefit all of you, my faithful readers. When I mentioned this back to him, he felt shy and thought that he had stepped out of the line. This were the exact words that I have told him, “I am very thrilled for the feedback as it helps my blogs get better  ... Each feedback is one step closer for my blog from being perfect.”

That is truly how I feel about feedback. I love feedback; in fact I am thriving for them as long as they are constructive feedbacks. Constructive feedback, I said. Constructive feedbacks are our way to show how we care about others. We want them to do their best. We care enough about their well being and we are willing to step outside of our comfort zone and deliver the feedback. Positive feedback is our way of giving full acknowledgment to others. In fact, they are the ones most welcome. Yes, I also welcome your positive feedback :-) Seriously, any feedback is welcomed!

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Giving feedback is a delicate gesture, an artful skill in fact. When a great feedback is delivered in wrong manners, it can defeat the purpose.  It can be viewed as criticism or sarcasm. If our feedbacks turn into criticism or sarcasm, we have in fact given the recipients valid reasons to condemn. Worst yet, we have shattered their confidence. When a great feedback is delivered to the wrong person, person who can’t take any constructive feedback at all, can turn the person into a defensive individual. At the same time, it can be discouraging to the people who give the feedback.  What do we do in this case? If we truly care about one person, we would find many and different avenues to deliver our feedback and somehow, someway, we would find the right avenue to get thru to the individual.

Constructive or Positive Feedback that are delivered with good intention at the right time with sincerity can be extremely powerful. It may potentially cause the tipping point in one person's life. Consistent feedback deliver in smaller amount each time can make a big difference.  Timing is very crucial. Attempting to deliver a feedback at the wrong time, could turn our intention into dust. 

Please take a moment in our journey to find the best way to give our utmost feedback to the people that we care in such a manner that would make a difference in their lives. At the same time, please be open-minded to receive any constructive feedback given by people who care about us.  After all, we are not perfect to begin with.

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