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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thinking for ...

Someone once told me that everyone needs some time to think. I never thought much about what that person said then. A lot of us have been living our lives somewhat like robot. We wake up, we prepare breakfast, and send our children to school, go to work or go about our day. We have been doing this day and night and yet, seldom give ourselves time to think. Thinking for pleasure that is ...

Our lives are like those candles which keep burning and unavoidable, some days we may be burnt out. Still knowing that, we may not set aside some time for us to think. We are too busy. We feel like we are no longer have any moment to spare.

Time to think is like a small therapy for our tired souls. Sometimes by giving ourselves time to think, we may be able to make a better decision, we may be able to retrofit the rash decision that we have made earlier, we may be able to give ourselves some space before we are burned out with frustration, we may be able to give ourselves some time to rejuvenate.

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Blogging in turn gives me a lot of time to think. It lets me pause once awhile in my life to gather my thoughts. For once, I am doing something other than my routine, my duty as a parent, my responsibilities, and my works. I am doing something that I truly enjoy (not that I don't enjoy my life routines.) It gives me an enormous excitement knowing that I am able to share my thoughts with you! I am hoping that my thoughts would raise awareness among us, the parents, and at the same time, serving as a fodder to your and my thoughts. 

Someday, I have no clue what to write, I need to search my brains. I need to search thru my life encountered, I need to search my surroundings and that requires me to think. Someday, my brain is full with ideas and I can't seem to stop thinking. Blogging has given me the pleasure of thinking for pleasure, thinking for indulgence.
As we take another step into our journey, pause a little and step aside for some time to think for pleasure, like reading this blog.for instance. :-) As we find ourselves revitalized, we may be able to enjoy our lives even more. We may even prevent our inner candle from burning out and that may give us extra miles to walk side by side with our next generation.

Until next stop,
Journey of Life

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