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Friday, November 4, 2011

Undefined sense ...mystifying sense ...

Do you believe in emotionally connection and sensing something that yet to happen. I am not sure how to describe this ‘undefined sense.” I went on internet and I couldn’t find anything close to what I am about to describe. Somehow we have this feeling that we can sense something is coming to our way and they may not be pleasant ones and all of the sudden we are feeling some kind of sorrow that is indescribable. It is like a pre-warning system that inform us that something are about to happen. Be prepare for them! Occasionally, all of the sudden, we are feeling so content, and yet, we have no idea why. And woala, something good or some good news are coming to our way.

I remembered, it was in the winter when I have just turned nineteen. I felt the urge to call my home because out of the blue, I missed my father so much. It was quite an unusually impulse feeling. I called that very night and found out that my father had just passed away. I couldn’t describe how I felt in words. It was like my intuition was telling that something had happened to the person that I love. It was an emotional connection that could transverse thousands of miles. Same thing repeating itself a few years ago, when my mother collapsed in an airplane on her way to somewhere, I too, felt that very moment that I somehow missed her bizarrely. I remembered telling my younger daughter, that I missed grandma so much and it was unusual, I added on. That very moment, she collapsed in some foreign country and the hospital couldn't contact her family. Later I managed to locate her. Yes, thanks God that she is alive and kicking today.

It is quite spooky, if I think more about it. How could I anticipated what I am about to experienced much earlier? How could I feel something that had happened to my loved ones. I supposed each and everyone of us has experienced the same kind occurrences, one way or another. Some of us are feeling a bit stronger than others.

Another subject that is along the same line is the emotionally connection between us and our loved ones or someone who is very close to us. Have you ever wondered, when we are thinking about someone, and that very same person pop up in our vicinity or perhaps calling us? Have you ever experienced when we want something so bad and our loved one showed up with that very same item.

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Somehow, we could feel what they are feeling even when we are thousands miles away. I could understand if they are nearby where we could read the facial expressions, the look in their eyes or their body movements. But, how do we explain when we are thousand miles apart? Or even miles away?and yet we can feel what they are feeling?

I don't presume it is something to do with the sixth sense where the Scientist claimed that our ancestors used to have, the sense of danger nearby. It is not the same and also it is not the same as reading mind. It is something much more.

Take a moment in our life and analyze our feeling and we may  discover that we have experienced all of those phenomenons that I have described above. We may then discover the undefined sense, the mystifying sense. BTW., if you don't mind sharing your similar experiences by posting a comment as anonymous, if you like, that would be awesome!

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