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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lend me your hands please …

Yesterday, I went to one of the wholesale warehouse at nearby town. As I drove my car away from the premise, I was stuck at the entrance/exit road waiting at the mercy of some cars to let me make a left turn.  There were cars nonstop from both direction and it was almost impossible for me to make a left turn. I would say about 30 cars going by from each direction and no one bothered to stop and let me have my turn. I literally had to force my way out.

Same thing happened the other days when I was leaving the parking lot from my local middle school and as well as at the company that I was working at. People are too busy and no one wants to give in. No one wants to spare 30 seconds of his/her time to help others. Seems like those 30 seconds are too precious to give away, really!

This makes me wonder, are we that pressure of time that we can’t seem to notice others who are in need? We are living in this society that things are moving faster than speed of light (okay not quite,) and we are too busy to stop and notice others who are struggling and may need our lending hands. Do we need to literally force our way in and get noticed?

Have we ever thought about what if we give those 30 seconds of our time for those who need it? What do you think those 30 seconds would do? If we use those 30 seconds of  our times to perform some kind gesture, perhaps that receiver(s) would return the same kind gesture to another person and soon before we know it, it would cause the domino effect. Indirectly, we are teaching others to lend their hands to others in that little time, 30 seconds. 

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Now, we are seeing how powerful those 30 seconds of our times if we choose to give them to others instead of keeping them to ourselves. Perhaps those 30 seconds could save someone from being frustrated and being imprudent, forcing their way in, and may in turn cause some potential accident.

Living in this fast life style has put us in a situation that we may not able to lend our hands often. But, if we pause and think about it, 30 seconds are insignificant amount of time to use but the effect is very much significant.Hope this blog would inspire all of us to lend our hands when needed despite how little time we have in our hands.

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